Delaware River

The Delaware River system consists of three rivers, all world-class wild trout fisheries – The East Branch, West Branch and the mainstream of the Delaware after the confluence of the East and West Branches. The Delaware River system is considered one of the best technical dry fly fisheries on the East Coast. The fishing season starts in early April and goes through the summer into fall. The water temps on the West Branch stay cool throughout the summer due to the cold water release out of Cannonsville Reservoir. The rivers are also home to a diversity of bug life. The Delaware River is also home to the Orvis Endorsed Lodge, West Branch Angler & Resort.

The River System

If you live in the east and hesitate to travel out west for a big, wild trout river that produces even in summer, then the Upper Delaware is for you. The river’s substantial main stem is formed by the merger of the East and West Branch in the small town of Hancock. Since both branches are tailwaters, temperatures remain cool year-round (a rarity in the east) and aquatic insect life abounds. All three sections provide fine fishing, with the biggest fish in the main stem. Conveniently, the river is no more than 150 miles northwest of New York City.  

Main Branch

The main branch is big trout habitat, with long, deep pools up to 1/2 mile long, riffles, large boulders and steep drop-offs where the river runs up against wooded ridges.  This area can be fished by shore or by boat; wading is possible, but can be tricky.

West Branch

After dropping down some rapids below the dam, the upper West Branch flattens out and flows around modest islands, which gradually disappear and yield to long, wide pools interrupted by shallow riffles. The West Branch is dominated by browns, with some rainbows and brookies to be caught, and much of it can be waded.

East Branch

The East Branch is flat, slow and cold in its upper stretches above Shinhopple, not unlike a spring creek.  Here, you are better off in a boat, due to the thick weeds that form in the summer. Fish in this branch range from brookies in the upper stretch to heavy browns further down as the water warms. 

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