Largemouth Bass

Just a short drive from the Salmon River, in Pulaski New York, the 450 acre Tug Hill Sportsman’s Club has plenty to offer to any outdoorsman! It is a warm water fishery consisting of three lakes across 40 acres of fishable water. Meticulously managed for 25 years, this fishery produces trophy sized largemouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and sunfish. With the exclusive fishing rights to this property, Zero Limit Adventures ensures a rod-bending adventure of a lifetime.

The Difference

There are many locations both here and overseas where fly fishermen can travel to catch trophy largemouth bass. Prohibitive costs, large crowds, and travel time make this difficult for many anglers. Fortunately, there’s quality trophy largemouth bass fishing in a beautiful setting available closer than you’d think in New York State. The Tug Hill Sportsman’s Club is located on 450 acres of gently rolling land with three still water lakes. Stream fishing for Brook Trout is also available on our stretch of the Mad River. Our goal is to provide our guests with the best angling opportunities possible without the downsides of an extended trip. Add an extra adventure to your stay at the Tailwater Lodge by fishing the Tug Hill Sportsman’s Club for trophy largemouth bass with Zero Limit Adventures!

Our Promise To You

The Zero Limit Adventure team promises to help provide a safe and fun atmosphere. We promise to provide patient instruction and treat our guests with kindness and respect. We promise, no matter what, to remain positive, not get upset or make excuses. You will never hear us say “I can’t believe this. The fish were here yesterday.” We will try harder. We promise to remember the little details. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put you in front of fish and ensure that you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Let us make your adventure, one for a lifetime!

The Zero Limit Adventure Team is well diversified to ensure we can fit your needs at all times! Each member has years of experience and passion to make your adventure memories last forever.