Salmon River Update 07 September 2016

Water flow at 355 cfs, but dry conditions persists with rain predicted for later this week! The higher water did pull a number of Salmon into the river and Douglaston Salmon Run reported increased activity with most guests hooking up or seeing Kings,

All indications point to a good salmon run this season.  The LOC Derby finished this week and a 34lb king salmon was the grand prize winner.  Those salmon entered this summer with healthy and tended larger than last year!!!

When are they going to run in numbers?  There are so many factors that any prediction beyond a day of two is problematic.  We know a couple of things.  King Salmon have a biological clock that starts ticking in June / July as they transition from an apex predator to a spawning factory.  When that clock’s alarm goes off their imperative is to run,spawn and die!  There are many factors involved but the river’s water flow and water temps are NOT huge factors.They run when they are ready.  Our best current indication is that lake fishermen are hooking fish in progressively shallower water.

Upper and Lower Reservoirs, as well as the Upper Fly Zone, are experiencing very little pressure.  The Upper Reservoir is fishing well but, is significantly low.  The Jackson Road Ramp is dry so use the Redfield Ramp.