Delaware River

For many anglers, there is nothing finer than catching a brilliantly colored wild trout. From April to late October, enjoy a day the Delaware Water System with our skilled professional guides that will put you on fish and help you master the art of fly fishing. 


Featured River Species

Brown Trout

Browns, although they are stocked yearly, most caught browns are are wild averaging around fifteen inches. Trophies up to thirty plus!

Rainbow Trout

Rainbows, introduced to in the late 1800s, hard fighting fish that average fourteen to eighteen inches long. 


The Delaware River water system consists of three sections: all unique but world-class wild trout fisheries. The East Branch, West Branch, and the main river make up the three sections of the Delaware River. The Delaware River system is considered the most technical dry fly fishery on the East Coast.

The Delaware River fishing season starts in early April and goes through the fall. Water temps on the West Branch stay cool throughout the summer due to the cold water release out of Cannonsville Reservoir. These rivers are also home to a diversity of bug life, which leads to some of the finest dry fly fishing East of the Rockies. Nymph and streamer fishing are also very effective methods for catching brown and rainbow trout. The Delaware River is also an outstanding smallmouth bass fishery. They were recently rated by the Field & Stream Magazine, calling the Upper Delaware River one of the best smallmouth bass rivers in the United States. You can fish for these acrobatic fighters on light tackle or fly fishing gear.

Beginning at the base of Cannonsville Reservoir, The West Branch is a tailwater fishery with cold water even during the hottest days of summer, often extending the river’s total length into main Delaware. The West Branch has abundant insect hatches. The combination of hatches and the river’s gentle flow makes the West Branch a dry fly fisherman’s dream.

The East Branch comprises two parts, the upper and lower section. The “upper” is that part upstream of its junction with the Beaverkill. Mainly a brown trout river and a tailwater, the upper section usually remains cool. Beginning at Pepacton Reservoir, this section of the East Branch has a spring creek-like feel.

At the junction of the East and West Branches is the start of the main river section of Delaware. The main river is home to hard-fighting rainbows that utilize the deep pools and feed the main river. This allows trout to hunker down during the warm water periods of the year.

When the summer water temperatures have risen and forced us to give the daylight feeders a break, we tend to get excited for the Adventure about to come. Floating Delaware in the later evening and into the dark while casting mouse flies to be aggressive and hungry trophies of the river will take some of your best experiences on the water to the next level. Topwater explosions and epic battles into the dark will leave you wondering why we fish at all during daylight. Bring your “A Game,” and leave your flashlight at home and let the hunt for your trophy begin.

Dry fly, nymphing, streamer, or mousing opportunities exist for our guests based on the current conditions and the time of year. For sure, Delaware will offer you a chance to fish for wild trout on the fly that could be a personal best for many while testing your fighting skills during epic battles. Our trips will offer all the gear needed if you do not have a favorite trout rod to bring, we will have you covered. You will need both a New York and Pennsylvania fishing license available online. Waders are optional but necessary if you wish to stop and get out of the boat to fish. If you plan on dry fly fishing, you practice your “Reach Cast” because these are the most selective fish east of the Mississippi River.

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Looking to experience the a beautiful, fun filled day on the Delaware River System? Let Zero Limit Adventures put you in a position to do so. Our diverse team of guides are experienced, qualified, and equipped to provide patient instruction, remain positive, and remember the little details. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put your family, friends or clients in front of fish and ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime!

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We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put your family, friends or clients in front of fish and ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime

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