Salmon River

The Salmon River Fly Fishing experience is World famous due to the Salmon and Steelhead runs the river receives each year. The Salmon River is home to Zero Limit Adventures. Only a short drive North of Syracuse, the Salmon River runs through Pulaski, NY, on the edge of the Tug Hill plateau. Not the sole fishing spot, the river is central to other streams and smaller tributaries of Lake Ontario. Also nearby is the Tug Hill Sportsman’s Club giving anglers the opportunity to catch Trophy Largemouth Bass when the Salmon are not running. Salmon River Fly Fishing is not like any other place East of the Mississippi that gives anglers the opportunity to catch trophy sized Coho and King Salmon, Steelhead, and Brown Trout.  Zero Limit Adventures along with the Douglaston Salmon Run and the Tailwater Lodge, make the Salmon River a fisherman’s dream come true. Learn more about the click here!

Coho and King Salmon

Salmon will begin to enter the River in late August and will remain in the river until late October.


Steelhead will enter the River in late September and will remain in the river until early May.

Summer Fishery

Brown Trout, Smallmouth, Carp and Skamania Steelhead fill the rivers at times throughout the summer...

Douglaston Salmon Run

The DSR offers the best opportunities for anglers to avoid the crowds, easy access to fishing spots and high quality fishing grounds. The DSR is the first 2.5 miles of the Salmon River, where Steelhead, King and Coho Salmon, and Brown Trout first enter the river. The DSR is a real fishing treasure. The Douglaston Salmon Run helps make you enjoy your Salmon River Fly Fishing experience better!


Zero Limit Adventures

Western and Central New York’s full service fly fishing outfitter, we create lifelong memories of fly fishing for a multitude of fish species in both cold and warm water. The Zero Limit Adventures team spends ample time on the Salmon River, ensuring the best experience possible. We are here to make you Salmon River Fly Fishing experience the best it can be!


Tailwater Lodge

Located on the banks of the Salmon River, the Tailwater Lodge is 5 star lodging and dining for all anglers. It has 42 luxurious rooms, a dining room with world class cuisine, and a fly shop with all the necessary gear to get you on the water. Come enjoy time on and off the water! The Tailwater Lodge makes your Salmon River Fly Fishing experience the best it can be!


The Zero Limit Adventure’s Promise!

The Zero Limit Adventure team promises to help provide a safe and fun atmosphere. We promise to provide patient instruction and treat our guests with kindness and respect. We promise, no matter what, to remain positive, not get upset or make excuses. You will never hear us say “I can’t believe this. The fish were here yesterday.” We will try harder. We promise to remember the little details. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put you in front of fish and ensure that you have the adventure of a lifetime on the Salmon River or where ever you choose to go!

Salmon River

Full Day Wade and Float Trips

One Person: $350

Two People: $450

Three People: $600

A true full day on the water, we don’t watch the clock!

Includes stream side lunch on the adventure!

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