Midge Patterns – Spring 2018

Trout Fishing this Spring, Upstate New York

March is half way complete, which means trout opening day in New York State is just around the corner. Soon, the inland trout streams in Upstate NY will be calling all “Trout Bums” to their river banks. With just a few weeks before opening day, we would like to share with you a few midge patterns that you can fish in our local spring creeks. With that being said, these three midge patterns will be extremely productive flies in most places that chironomidae is present.  

Midge Patterns for Double Tandem Rig

Fly tier GT Mueller says that these three patterns are to be considered as point flies or the bottom fly on a double fly rig. GT prefers to tie a dropper tag off of his tippet, usually with an annelid pattern (i.e. san juan worm) for his first fly. Any of the three flies below can be used to get you down in the water column and it allows you to keep your line tight to detect strikes. Hope you enjoy tying and fishing these patterns for the early spring bite that’s just around the corner.

“Oakland Point Midge”

This is a heavy point fly for a double midge set up to get your flies down deep without having to add weight. 

Hook: TMC 2457 Thread: 8/0 black thread Bead: Tungsten bead, one size larger Rib: Small Holo tinsel in silver Collar: Super Bright Steelhead dubbing in black Body: Finished with Hard as Hull penetrator

“Pinky Tuscadero”

Another point midge fly for a tandem rig  setup. This could also be used as a scud found in our spring fed creeks.

Hook: 1130 daiichi Bead: Tungsten lucent pink 2.7 mm Thread: Glo- Brite fluorescent floss, shade# 2 Rib: Holo Tinsel silver, size small Collar: SuperBright Steelhead dubbing in Fluorescent pink Body: Finished with Hard as Hull penetrator

“Jolly Green Midget”  

This is a point fly for a double midge set up or can be used as  caddis pupa fished low in the water column.

Hook :TMC 2457 size 16 Thread: Olive 8/0 uni Bead: Tungsten Lucent 2.7mm emerald green Rib: Small Holo tinsel, silver Collar: Super bright steelhead dubbing in Highlander green Body: Finished with Hard as Hull penetrator

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