Salmon River Update 14 September 2016

Water flow at 335 cfs with some extra run-off in the lower river.  The water temps dropped from the mid-70’s last week to the lower 60’s as of 12 Sep.  DSR has been reporting some fish each day will almost all anglers seeing Kings.  Fish are scattered throughout the river with some success floating.

The Salmon update:  Significant numbers are staging in the lake in front of the river and are steadily moving shallower and closer as their spawning behavior takes over.  Currently we are seeing number of fish staging in the estuary and some are predicting a significant run in the next few days.  It could be happening right now.  What is for sure the salmon are thick, big and healthy and most guides predict “a very good run”.

Both Upper and Lower Reservoirs, as well as the Upper Fly Zone, are experiencing very little pressure.  The Upper Reservoir continues to produce good catches of Smallmouth Bass and Walleyes.