Western NY Trout

For many anglers, there is nothing finer than catching a brilliantly colored wild trout. Have excellent opportunity to catch wild and stocked brown, brook and rainbow trout in many of the Western NY Trout Streams. Wild trout tend to be more finicky than stocked trout, and they can be a challenge to catch. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put your family, friends or clients in front of fish and ensure you have the adventure of a lifetime! Enjoy the state’s best Western NY Trout Streams.

Pick Your Adventure

Cohocton River

Located in a beautiful part of the country, the Cohocton River provides all anglers fine trout fishing. The river provides excellent habitat for brown, brook and rainbow trout. We invite you to join us for a day in one of the nicest environments that nature has to offer.

Genesee River

A freestone watershed that flows through the beautiful Genesee Valley, running north through New York State to Rochester. The Genesee River is, mostly, a put and take river, but her holdover rate is good, and the trout do become wary and cautious.

Oatka Creek

Being the third longest tributary of the Genesee River, located entirely in the Western New York region it is a quick getaway from the city life. Oatka is considered a Blue Ribbon Trout Stream  with a large population of brown trout that is only 20 minutes away from Rochester!

Wiscoy Creek

Together, Wiscoy Creek, its North Branch and Trout Brook form one of the most productive watersheds for wild brown trout in New York State. Although many miles of the creek are public, Zero Limit Adventures has exclusive access to over 2 miles of the best trout water. 

Our Promise To You

The Zero Limit Adventure team promises to help provide a safe and fun atmosphere. We promise to provide patient instruction and treat our guests with kindness and respect. We promise, no matter what, to remain positive, not get upset or make excuses. You will never hear us say “I can’t believe this. The fish were here yesterday.” We will try harder. We promise to remember the little details. We promise to do everything to the best of our ability to put you in front of fish and ensure that you have the adventure of a lifetime!

Let us make your adventure, one for a lifetime!

The Zero Limit Adventure Team is well diversified to ensure we can fit your needs at all times! Each member has years of experience and passion to make your adventure memories last forever.