Summer Time Brown Trout

This summer in New York has been one of the best we have seen in years. With all the rainfall and the rather consistent cool temps, the summer fishing has been hot and heavy. On top of that, our extremely wet spring has kept reservoirs and lakes at above average levels for almost every body of water around. This only means one thing for us, great brown trout fishing opportunities! More specifically, summer time brown trout fishing!
Now I love fishing for big small and largemouth bass all summer, but there are endless opportunities to chase native and stocked brown trout across the state all summer long. These brown trout usually average 12-18 and can keep you entertained all day long, most often on the same rivers you fish for steelhead and salmon. Using this summer time can be a great opportunity to continue building your skill set of fly fishing tactics. While the rods may be lighter, the tippet smaller, and the flies harder to tie on, the same principles used for steelhead and salmon fishing are easily applied to any inland brown trout fishing trip.
Another great benefit of fly fishing for inland brown trout all summer long is simply how much daylight you have the opportunity to take advantage of. While the summer solstice just passed, there is usually plenty of daylight stretching past 9pm and the sun is rising just after 5am! That is nearly 16 hours of daylight to fish your heart out, or your fly box, whichever runs out of fuel first! Want to learn more about what fisheries NY State has to offer for Summer Time Brown Trout? Visit Western NY Trout Fishing and the Delaware River webpages to learn more. 

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